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  1. mediated disclosures

    poster 237,8 cm x 168,2 cm

    poster 237,8 cm x 168,2 cm

    proposal for an intervention in public space; billboard, booklet, poster.

    billboard poster 237,8 cm x 168,2 cm
    booklet (folded) 58 cm x 31 cm
    poster A0


    As consumers in a constant search for thrilling images, we are lost. We are no longer able to digest the daily load of (visual) information, yet we constantly seek more. There is no space for reflection. Instead of decoding the image, we exist in the function of images. We seek more as if we are trying to prove to ourselves that we live in reality. Yet the more we do, the more detached we become, the more oversaturated and more stuck in the virtual reality. Due to image overload, we are no longer ourselves but rather we appropriate the roles presented by magazines, films, and television programs: a model of a model, a copy of a copy. This intervention attempts to create space for reflection, to capture the public in its own gaze.

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