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  1. expect escape

    duration: 24 min.
    4:3, PAL, stereo,

    Experimental interactive non-linear documentary;

    For this project diverse people were asked to give a narrative response on film to the previous participant’s story in the context of their own experience. The project was initiated by posing a question that functioned as a narrative framework for each interactor: “When you moved / decided to move to another place, what were your expectations?”
    The first participant received three keywords that had been chosen by the initiator. The interactor partly based their story on these keywords. When the interactor was ready for recording, s/he chose one word out of the set of words s/he got and added two new words for next interactor to see. The three words are then put in an envelope, and along with a video camera, and passed to the next participant. Next the participant received brief instructions along with the envelope containing the three words and had a few minutes to continue with a story. The initiator had no further influence and did not interfere with chosen scenes and subjects. The only function of the initiator at this point was to pass the camera and instructions to the participants. By the end of the project, a non-linear story had been created, together with an overview of all words chosen by the participants.

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