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  1. drifting between schizogeographical sounds

    interactive sound installation + graphic; 2008.

    research on cartography of imperceptibility;

    Beta version: For this project 2 joysticks were used. They were assigned to separate sound channels. All sounds were recorded around the harbour area of Amsterdam and the exit S 101 to the ring A10 highway. The visitor could trigger the sounds by touching the joystick.

    The area of Nieuwe Hemweg [s101] is a very “dynamic” environment where different (user) areas clash and overlap one another. Due to its variable use, the place is rich in various sounds.

    Sounds include:

    - ambient, industrial sounds (train tracks, windmills, recycle centre, power plant etc).
    - UHF / VHF radio transmission; sounds recorded through hand-held transceivers, picking up security communication devices and marine communications.
    - spoken word: interview with an activist involved in actions against a detention boat.

    Mapping intermezzo:

    By cutting up the sound, defragmented sound is being formed. This undermines hierarchical structure and shifts the borders (as first deSIGNED by city planners).

    The sounds are being played in a non-linear form. The project maps the mimetic networks between the different nodes, whether they are hierarchical or non-hierarchical per definition. Sound cumulation areas are marked on the map as strategic points.

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