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    typographic installation

    typographic installation

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      typographic installation

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      typographic installation

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      typographic installation

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    HD video
    Duration: 7' 05''
    16:9, stereo, single-channel projection
    English spoken

    Fax print on thermal paper
    30 x 60 cm

    Words in acrylic glass
    15 x 60 cm

    May 2014


    film preview:


    Voiceover excerpt:

    R: I cannot repeat what I hear
    G: it is about assignment.
    R: are you assigned?
    R: to the market?
    G: the art of capital.

    R: what do you fear of?
    G: how not to become
    R: institutionalized, categorized.
    G: the setbacks are unnatural.

    G: I need to get some distortion.
    R: and to stay away from the lines.


    G: unemployment is the greatest of all the modernist projects.
    R: dead-end.
    R: sober formalism
    G: modernism is like segregation.

    G: and now with the context
    B: stop.
    G: look around.
    R: forget the form.
    R: interiors, compositions and takes.
    G: stop pretending everything is fine because it really isn't.
    R: stop pretending.
    B: Extreme Close Up.
    B: fade to grey.
    R: in infinite loop.
    G: will it cause a machine to burn out?


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