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  1. [codes] of borders

    live performance, 2008;

    3 joysticks and 28 sound channels, surround sound system with 7 speakers.
    Each button and movement on the joystick is programmed to one sound channel;

    Slide projection.


    Sound was recorded during diverse border crossings. Radio frequency sound was recorded from a two-way radio transceiver. Spoken word was recorded with a Dutch activist arrested during an action against Dutch migration policy. Later the activist was placed under arrest at the detention boat for foreigners.

    The soundscape is not only about geographical borders, but also about dimension and distance, spatial transformation and temporal shifts, as well as psychological distances. The project represents experiences of social solidarity as well as isolation and marginalization. In the project I use an (invisible) border as something that leads to a certain consequence or confrontation. Through means of performance, space for resonance and reflection is being created.

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